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Small knowledge of stainless steel it is not wrong to know much     Although stainless steel can also rust, it is a small part of the situation, and rust can still be dealt with. Today, like the constant saw blade, how do you deal with the occurrence of rust on the stainless steel? Not much nonsense. There are two methods, chemical methods and mechanical methods.

      The chemical method uses pickling paste or spray to assist in re-passivation of its rusted parts to form a chromium oxide film to restore its corrosion resistance. After pickling, in order to remove all contaminants and acid residues, proper rinse with clean water is very suitable important. After everything is processed, use the polishing equipment to re-polish and close with polishing wax. For those with slight rust spots, use a 1: 1 mixture of gasoline and engine oil to wipe off the rust spots with a clean cloth.

      Mechanical methods are sandblasting, shot blasting with glass or ceramic particles, annihilation, scrubbing and polishing. It is possible to wipe off the contamination caused by the previously removed materials, polished materials or annihilated materials by mechanical methods. All kinds of pollution, especially foreign iron particles, can become a source of corrosion, especially in humid environments. Therefore, mechanical cleaning surfaces should preferably be cleaned regularly under dry conditions. The mechanical method can only clean the surface, and cannot change the corrosion resistance of the material itself. Therefore, it is recommended to re-polish with polishing equipment after mechanical cleaning and close with polishing wax.
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